Morgan (2016)

Kate Mara as Lee Weathers

The best part of this movie is that both  Toby Jones and Paul Giamatti are in a film together for the first time. A few weeks ago I was telling a colleague that I’ve only ever appreciated Paul Giamatti in one role—when he played the character Gilderoy in Berberian Sound Studio. And then when I went to send her the link to the film trailer I was like, oh shit, that’s Toby Jones in the role of sound engineer Gilderoy, not Paul Giamatti. Geez.

So I’m still 0/0 on Paul Giamatti since Morgan is such a stinker. Yeah yeah, you all loved him in Sideways. You know what I did not love? Sideways. Lucky this review is not about that self-indulgent poop-fest. Instead it’s about another work of poop that somehow managed to entice a pretty good cast in what is very much a wannabe Hanna mixed with dreams of becoming Ex Machina.

We first meet Morgan (played creepily and without eyebrows by Anya Taylor-Joy) in a cement bunker in the back yard of a remote house in the woods. Actually, we first meet Lee Weathers (risk-management for ‘corporate’), played by a capable Kate Mara. I may have initially mistaken her for her younger sister Rooney Mara who I was then going to go on to say that despite her less-than depiction of Lisbeth Sanders in American remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is one of the shining lights in this dismal no-thriller. But then I IMDb’d her and was like, oh.

Her character’s name made me immediately think of Lee Majors and and the character he played in The Fall Guy, Colt Seavers. I was just old enough when the series originally aired on t.v. to want to be the fall guy—I especially loved the truck he drove because it was always going off high jumps. I wasn’t old enough to understand the lyrics, however much I tried to sing along to them (a good theme song gets me every time).

Back to Morgan. Or not. This film doesn’t have much character development and the plot (heavy on action, light on intrigue)  is transparent. This movie does have one thing going for it, the ensemble cast. It’s too bad there’s not much to say about any of their roles.

I watched this so you don’t have to. Maybe just dial up some Fall Guy instead.


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